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Add:Yiwu District of Luoyang City (Longmen North Bridge) The east bank of the lake is 5 kilometers to the north

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[Elephant Express] Luoyang: China Lavender Manor to build parent-child banquet light and shadow animation festival

Recently, the high light and shadow animation festival attracted the attention of journalists, this is called "a must go to the parent-child feast" why so compelling, the reporter decided to go in advance to visit the group.

It is reported that the light and shadow animation festival is Luoyang • Chinese lavender manor to spend a lot of money to build a summer parent-child tour, designed for the majority of parents and children to create a fun and creative play good place.

1, the top team to create interactive "interactive" scene interactive experience

It is understood that the activities of Luoyang • China Lavender Manor to hire international-class lighting team portrait to build, this team has repeatedly participated in the world-famous Lantern Festival, a professional R & D center. The team is good at cleverly combining nature, music, art and high-tech elements to create a new audio-visual experience. The light and shadow animation festival, is to light and art, animation, combined with creative to create interactive lighting for visitors dedication drunken night, cool light feast! Into the manor, light and shadow staggered, the temptation of the night will be staged, cool animation scene lets you blood boiling, warp.

2, light and shadow animation intertwined, heartbeat, screaming non-stop

The reporter found that the West Manor is a magical and romantic coexistence of light and shadow; the East is a breathtaking and beautiful light and shadow. Transformers guarding the flowers, animation characters turns on stage.

The magical forest of the West allows visitors to re-visit the "Alice in Wonderland", faint night light, insects and birds call, shadows trees, light, sound as one, into the game world. Windmill Plaza dancing windmill, the screen changes with the pace of visitors foot bicycle speed and the rapid evolution; Eastern decisive battlefield, light and fire duel, fierce battle scenes spectacular. The real version of the laser across the array, allowing you to experience a room to escape the excitement; visitors can also be in the Star Yaohu Lake hair, foot colorful sensor bridge, Xinyu wish wish, piano restaurant experience 3D interaction and so on. Game scene, waiting for your experience; youth archaic COS PLAY let visitors in the real world and the role of close, to find innocence. The game is also the scene,

According to the person in charge of the event, the manor interactive activities are rich and colorful, open-air movie to a glass of red wine with a group of people into the carnival; light wedding show wedding aesthetic and light and mottled motif to build a visual gluttonous feast. Light and shadow barbecue to visitors in a real treat while enjoying a strong visual impact.

3, "white + black" cheerful play, wantonly enjoy parent-child travel

   At the scene, the reporter saw the current time when the lavender manor bloom period, the various types of manor flowers contests. Visitors during the day can be flowers, take pictures, do karting experience speed and passion, listening to the amusement park laughter. At noon, you can enjoy national cuisine, tree house, and enjoy the tranquility of the afternoon. You can enjoy the animation, sightseeing, hot spring, theme inn and experience the wooden hotel in the evening, and have fun. Of the Shuxin.