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Add:Yiwu District of Luoyang City (Longmen North Bridge) The east bank of the lake is 5 kilometers to the north

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Luoyang China Lavender Manor is located on the east bank of Yihe River and the ecological corridor of Yibin District. It is bounded by Longmen Grottoes in the south and the two highways in the east and across the river from Hope Road to West across the whole manor. The total area of 6000 acres of manor, is set tourism, characteristic agriculture, holiday health, star hotel and other functions as one of the large creative sightseeing agricultural park, we are positioned as the only industry leader in Henan. Manor is a theme of love, romantic love culture as the design of the soul of the park, trying to build the Longmen Yamashita Provence, Iraq's water rose garden. Manor development in two phases, the current development is located in the middle of a purple fragrant field area, with a total area of 2000 mu.

Since the opening of the Garden on June 21, 2014, Lavanders has successfully held lavender tourism promotion, International Lavender Culture Festival, Challenge Guinness's longest vanilla cake, Lavender Harvest Festival, Lavender Harvest Festival, Lavender million people harvest feast and a series of exciting activities, attracting nearly 25 million tourists inside and outside the province to visit sightseeing. In October 2014, the International Lavender Culture Festival has been CCTV four sets of key reports, manor has won the "2014 annual Luoyang City tourism advanced unit", 2014 China's most beautiful tourist resort North Division before the top three. At present inside and outside the province to enjoy a high degree of visibility!

During the Peony Culture Festival in 2015, China International Windmill Festival held by Lavender Manor, by various media attention inside and outside the province, CCTV 4 and the People's Daily activities were carried out great efforts to report. During the event, the total attracted nearly 32 million visitors, from Anhui, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Shandong, the famous scenic mission has come to scenic research!

Manor overall planning for the three theme area: peach and lime forest as the main body of the "ecological farm" area; to lavender cultivation as the main "purple fragrant flower field" area; rose planting as the main "Rose Valley" area. Hutongs, nostalgia, home ownership, parent-child and other activities related to the characteristics of love, so that the manor within the park, to create a romantic atmosphere of the manor to create a series of elegant and fashionable place to carry all kinds of theme activities; tourism products, planning coverage, All activities are marked with sweet and romantic labels, so that all stages of life in the lovers can find their own paradise here.

Lavender "King of Herbs" reputation, widely used in medical, beauty in various fields. Lavender essential oil on the headache, scars, endocrine disorders, neurasthenia, insomnia and other common symptoms have a curative effect, is a very popular product. Manor planted lavender and rose, will form a nursery - processing - packaging to the sale of a complete industrial chain, make up the Henan deep processing industry in the vanilla blank, become the central plains vanilla cultivation industry leader. In addition can also rely on Luoyang University and the technical support of domestic experts, for the development of lavender industry chain plug in the wings of take-off.

Luoyang • China lavender manor will become a bright pearl of the Central Plains region, a high-grade leisure and tourism ideal place for vacation!